Greer, SC Pest Control

If you live in Greer, South Carolina, and have recently spotted pests inside your home or place of business, you are probably wondering what you should do so that you can get the situation under control. A lot of residents turn to at-home solutions that they find at the store, but these options won’t always deliver the results that they had expected. If you want to get a solution that won’t let you down, you can never replace the training and experience of a qualified pest control team. A caring professional will speak with you to understand the problem, but the expert will then get to work to rid your building of the pests, giving you peace of mind.

Fire Ant

When it comes to common pests, learning about fire ants is a smart move. In their quest to find food, these insects will send scouts into homes and offices. If a scout locates something of interest, it will alert the rest of its colony, and you will have a fire ant infestation on your hands. The problem with these pests is that they can bite if they feel provoked, leaving red marks on your skin. You can take measures to discourage fire ants from launching an invasion, such as cleaning spills and keeping food in sealable containers. If they can’t find any food or water, the fire ants won’t have any reason to invade your property.


Homeowners dread termites because the insects will eat wood walls and floors in no time, inflicting damage and causing expensive repair bills. The pests will get inside of a new home by sending swarmers to find a viable location. Also, termites can enter your home from the ground or any infested wood that you bring inside. If you think that you might have these pests living in your home, check the floors and walls for signs of damage. By the time that you notice the red flags, you are likely facing a sizable termite population and will need to move fast to avoid further harm.


No matter who you are, finding bedbugs in your home is a terrifying experience that you will want to avoid at all costs. Once they are inside, getting rid of them is more challenging than some people would suspect. Bedbugs will make a nest near your bed so that they can feed on your blood when you sleep. Because they prefer to stay out of sight, you won’t always notice them until their nest gets overcrowded. The bite of a bedbug will often leave a red mark on the skin, but not everyone shows the symptoms.

FAS Pest Management

If you are trying to deal with bedbugs, termites, fire ants or other pests, you don't need to do it alone. If you want to get the problem under control for good, contact FAS Pest Management right away. When you do so, we will send a caring expert to your location to identify and eliminate your pest population.