Pest Control in Anderson, SC

FAS Pest Management is a full-service pest control provider that serves Anderson, SC, and its surrounding area. If pests decide that they enjoy living in your home as much as you do, they can cause damage to your residence or property. Some pests are also dangerous to your health. When it comes to pest control, our technicians have the skills and equipment to identify the nature of your bug infestation to complete the proper treatment. As a South Carolina resident, you know that fire ants, termites and bed bugs are just a few of the area’s common pests.

Fire Ants

Ants usually make their way into your home when they’re searching for food or protection from adverse weather. While regular ants are dangerous because they can track contaminants through your home, fire ants are more so due to their bite. A bite from one or more of the pests can be fatal to a human if he or she is allergic to the venom. In some cases, these pests attack in large numbers, which makes a fire ant infestation even more dangerous.

You can recognize a fire ant by its reddish color. The bugs also measure from 1.6 mm to 5 mm in length. Fire ants nest in the ground, and their colonies can have as many as 250,000 workers. Not only do fire ants bite, but they are also active and aggressive.


Termites are one of the most dreaded pests because they can secretly destroy your home. The bugs hide and flourish in your yard or house without leaving a clear sign of their presence. Termites devour fiber-based plant matter, so regardless of your home’s construction materials, the bugs will find it tasty. Termites are from 1 cm to several millimeters long.

The signs of an infestation include bubbling interior or exterior paint, flying insect swarms and mud tubes on the outside of your home’s walls, crawl spaces or wooden beams. Termites threaten your home’s foundation and even your furniture.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs sustain themselves by feeding on the blood of their host. The pests are usually active at night, and they’re reddish brown with flat bodies. They measure about 4 mm to 5 mm in length. Because of this, pest control experts often compare their size to an apple seed. Bed bugs like to hide in your home’s crevices and cracks. This includes your mattress seams, electrical outlet plates and baseboards.

The signs of an infestation include visual sightings of the insect. Black to brown defecation stains and bite marks are other signs that bed bugs are living in your home. These pests are notoriously hard to get rid of, so be sure to call a professional pest control company if you suspect that you have a bed bug infestation.

Quality Pest Control

When it comes to pest control, it’s important to contact a company that offers quality service. At FAS Pest Management in Anderson, SC, we can get rid of fire ants, termites and bed bugs along with other types of pests. If you have an insect-related issue, give us a call at FAS Pest Management today.