Pest Control in Easley, SC

FAS Pest Management serves residents and businesses located in Easley as well as throughout the Upstate. It got its start in 2001, when Kevin and Mary Fincannon founded Fire Ant Specialist in Pickens to help counter the red ants that had rapidly infested the area at that time, causing several people to be hospitalized and the landscape to no longer be as beautiful. After receiving subsequent requests to expand their business to other pests, they did so and have helped control a wide variety of pests ever since.

Fire Ants

Unfortunately, these insects are still an issue in Easley and throughout the Palmetto State, causing itching sores and blisters to many. When a red ant bites you, it feels like somebody has touched you with a hot match. Although most will simply be annoyed by the experience, those who experience difficulty breathing, headaches or nausea as a result should get medical attention. These insects are about 2-5 mm long, reddish in color and tend to live in humid places, usually near bodies of water, but they can also be found in a variety of locales as they also like to be in sunny areas. If you see a fire ant mound, odds are that there are about 60 of them within an acre.


Termites are cause for concern in this community as well, and they can go undetected for quite a while as they tend to prefer the inner portions of wood, which are usually softer and allow them to remain out of sight for longer. They also prefer to be in areas with high humidity, which softens wood. Termites can enter buildings through the tiniest of cracks, so it can be difficult to keep them out of your home. For all of these reasons, it's important to eradicate any that you do have as well as be proactive and have a professional regularly check if you have any that you have not noticed.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs leave painful welts on their victims. They are about 1/4-inch long and tend to hide in cracks and crevices near a host. One common example and where these pests get their name from is staying in a bed, patiently waiting throughout the day for their chance to strike anybody sleeping there at night. They are not particular, however, and many of them regularly feed on pets and other animals instead of or in addition to humans. Bed bugs are often brought into homes in luggage or on furniture. They can also reproduce quickly, so it is important to have a professional take care of them quickly before a minor problem becomes a major one.

If you are having issues with these or any other pests in Easley or anywhere else in northwest South Carolina, give us a call at 866.546.7050 or contact us through our website. We are proud to be a small company that has worked diligently to take care of our customers' needs for more than 15 years.