Prevention Tips

  • doorSeal cracks and holes on the outside of the home including entry points and pipes.
  • The exterior area of the premise should be kept as clean and uncluttered as possible.
  • Keep tree branches and shrubbery well trimmed and away from the house.
  • Keep gutters free of debris.
    Ensure that the attic and crawl space have sufficient ventilation. Proper ventilation creates an environment unsuitable for pests. It also improves the heating and cooling efficiency of the home.
  • Replace weather-stripping and repair loose mortar around the building’s foundation and windows.
  • Consider replacing any mulch adjacent to the structure with other types of aggregate (example river rock, lava rock, or crush), as mulch can provide a burrowing area for rodents and other pest.
  • You should store garbage in sealed containers and dispose of garbage in a timely manner.
  • Call an FAS Pest Management professional for additional advice and treatment.