Termite Control

Protect your Home with FAS Pest Management's Termite Control and Preventative Maintenance Services

Termites can potentially cause costly damage to your property and in some cases even make the floors or foundations unsafe. FAS Pest Management offers the best solution for termite control in the industry.

Our trained technicians will thoroughly inspect your home or business looking for signs of infestation, and if found, will provide you with an estimate for a treatment that will most effectively get rid of existing termites, and prevent re-infestation in the future. Fas Pest Management provides termite treatment solutions for Greenville, Spartanburg, Pickens, Anderson, Oconee, Laurens counties, and surrounding areas.

What are termites? Why do I need Termite Control?

Termites are insects that mostly feed on dead plant material, generally in the form of wood, leaves, dirt/soil, or animal dung. About 10% of the estimated 4,000 species are economically significant as pests that can cause serious structural damage to buildings, or crops.

As eusocial insects, termites live in colonies that number from several hundred to several million. These colonies use decentralized, self-organised systems of activity guided by swarm intelligence. They exploit food sources and environments unavailable to any single insect acting alone.

A typical colony contains nymphs, workers, soldiers, and reproductive individuals of both sexes, sometimes containing several egg-laying queens.Unfortunately termites often go unnoticed until the colony is sending out swarmers, or even worse, has already caused extreme damage to an infested structure, which can include buckling wood, swollen ceilings or floors, or areas that appear to be suffering from water damage.

The Best Strategy to protect your Investment is:

  • It is to your advantage to have a regular termite inspection in order to control termites before they cause damages to your home or business which require expensive and disruptive repairs.
  • Always keep a contract with a professional pest control company to regularly inspect your home or business. This will help detect termite activity and allow for prompt and proper treatment.

    FAS Pest Management recommends a termite contract due to the fact that most insurance companies will not cover termite damage. Don't take a chance on your investment!

Smart Homeowner Termite Control Tips:

  • Repair any water leaks and rain water drainage problems as soon as possible. Water leaks and improper rain water drainage can potentially harm the structure and open up pathways for termite infestations.
  • Keep gutters free of debris.
  • Eliminate any wood-to-soil contact around your foundation and remove wood debris near your home.
  • Consider replacing any mulch adjacent to the structure with other types of aggregate (example river rock, lava rock, or crush), as mulch provides two key ingredients for future termite related issues (moisture and cellulose material).
  • Store fire wood at least 20 feet away from the house and five inches off the ground.

Our Residential and Commercial Termite Control Services available in:

Greenville, Pickens, Anderson, Oconee and Spartanburg counties and surrounding areas.